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Complete Spa Management and Training Program

4 months

Spa Management Programme

140 hours of course material, work and support4 MonthsUSD 2450

Individual Courses

Short Courses, 2-3 weeks

Individual Course

Spa Finance I

2-3 WeeksUSD 310
Individual Course

Spa Leadership

2-3 WeeksUSD 340
Individual Course

Spa Marketing

2-3 WeeksUSD 310
Individual Course

Group Dynamics & Conflict Management

2-3 weeksUSD 150
Individual Course

Spa Strategic HCM

2-3 weeksUSD 210


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  • Spa Managers/Directors who would like to learn more or are new to management
  • Spa, Wellness & Fitness staff seeking development and/or looking to manage Spa or Fitness facilities
  • People in the health and wellness industry wanting to approach the spa industry
  • People new to the industry to explore and gain insight

Who are we & who are you?

Get the skills you need

You can choose between the complete Spa Management online program with its 7 modules that lasts 4 months , or, one or more of the 5 individual courses on Spa Finance, Marketing, PR & Social Media, Leadership, Group Dynamics & Conflict Management and Strategic Human Capital Management which last 2-3 weeks each.

As a response to market needs and student feedback we now also offer the possibility to choose from a unique selection of independent courses. A unique chance to study the specific subject you would like to improve your knowledge on, with focus and flexibility, whenever and wherever you wish.

All instructors of Spa Business Education are experienced team members of the reputed spa consultant agency Raison d’Etre. The success of a Raison d’Etre spa is no miracle: it depends on excellence down to the last detail, and sustained effort over a long period.

Spa management online program - what makes it unique

  • Rich course material, comprising of 23 videos, 8 templates, 6 manuals and 6 assignment examples
  • 7 modules with 140 hours of course material, work and support
  • A reality based, practical program giving the tools to be easily and immediately implemented at your work
  • Join anytime, anywhere and follow at your own pace. Most of our students are full-time professionals in the spa & wellness industry.
  • Created by the RdE team of experienced spa directors and project managers who have participated in consulting, setting up and running over 120 spas in more than 60 countries, as well as and been involved in the training and development of managers, therapists and staff in most of them.

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