Your instructors and the course creators of Spa Business Education are some of today’s foremost leaders in the global spa industry.

Here at Raison d’Etre—where we’ve helped to develop more than 160 spas in over 50 countries and created eight of the world’s most renowned spa brands—we know how to build an excellent team. And that’s exactly what we’ve done for Spa Business Education.

These teachers, including the course mentors (one of whom will be your personal guide through the course), have come together to offer you the most comprehensive, highest-caliber education in spa management available today.

Here’s who you’ll be learning from…

Anna Bjurstam—Course Instructor & Creator

Managing Partner, Raison d’Etre; Vice President of Spas, Six Senses

You’ll see Anna throughout Spa Business Education as she guides you with clarity through several classes—knowledge stemming from her pioneering work in the spa and wellness industry.

She is a board member and managing partner at Raison d’Etre, vice president of spas for Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas and a founding board member of the Global Wellness Summit, which brings together leaders and visionaries to shape the future of the global wellness industry.

Years of experience: 25

Anna-Cari Gund—Course Creator

Managing Director, Raison d’Etre; Vice President, CIDESCO International

Through her integral role in creating and overseeing Spa Business Education, Anna-Cari opens to you her well of wisdom for cultivating successful businesses and understanding global trends in the spa and beauty therapy industry.

She is the managing director of Raison d’Etre and vice president of CIDESCO International, the leading global standard for beauty and spa therapy. And you just might come across her on her circuit of presenting at wellness and beauty events around the world.

Years of experience: 30

Nikos Kouremenos—Course Mentor & Creator

Education Manager, Raison d’Etre

As a Spa Business Education course mentor and one of its creators, Nikos offers you invaluable insight from having opened and operated more than 50 health clubs and spas around the world. Students appreciate his wise, detailed feedback and how it deepens their understanding of the business topic at hand.

If Nikos is your mentor, be sure to ask him what planning the 2004 Athens Olympics and running a 7,500-square-meter spa had in common…and which was easier to manage. His experience is priceless!

Years of experience: 25

Michael Simonato—Course Mentor

Project Manager, Raison d’Etre

Michael is a course mentor and has been with Raison d’Etre for 20 years. He loves mentoring Spa Business Education students because he gets to draw from his full spectrum of experience—from top spas on four different continents—as he guides you through your education in spa management.

For a story that transcends what you might imagine spa management to be, ask Michael how an ancient Incan discovery helped him and his team create an award-winning spa in the Peruvian high Andes.

Years of experience: 25

Hanne Standal-LaRoche—Course Creator & Administrator

Office Manager, Raison d’Etre

Based in Raison d’Etre’s Stockholm headquarters, Hanne plays a crucial role in assisting Spa Business Education students and managing the program.

You may hear from her if you need any technical or logistical support throughout the course. And if so, you’ll notice her attention to detail and to you, stemming from her strong service-oriented background in operations management, customer service and therapeutic offerings in the spa and beauty industry.

Years of experience: 12

Annika Jackson—Course Instructor & Creator

Development Director, Raison d’Etre

Annika has overseen the creation, refurbishment and management of such notable spa developments as Sedona, Arizona’s Enchantment Resort and Spa, the world’s first destination spa within a luxury resort community, and Raison d’Etre’s own LivNordic spa brand.

Her expertise is woven into the Spa Business Education curriculum, and she is the former managing director of Raison d’Etre.

Years of experience: 25

Isabella Dos Santos—Course Instructor & Creator

Isabella is your teacher in the Spa Business Education trainings on leadership, strategic planning and service quality management and is one of the experts who helped develop the curriculum of Spa Business Education.

She was previously the training director at Raison d’Etre, training staff in therapies and management at spas around the world. She also helped to create and launch the Taj Hotel’s esteemed Jiva Spas brand, as well as Raison d’Etre’s own LivNordic spas.

Years of experience: 25

Josefin Rooth—Course Creator

LivNordic Brand & Project Manager, Raison d’Etre

With a broad background in operations in many different types of spas and membership clubs and as a key member of the Raison d’Etre team since 2013, Josefin was perfectly placed to help create the curriculum materials you’ll be learning from in Spa Business Education.

She brings into the course her personal passion for wellness and beauty and her intricate knowledge of planning, branding and design of spas.

Years of experience: 12

Maria Nystedt—Course Instructor & Creator

PR & Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Raison d’Etre

You’ll reap the rewards of Maria’s expertise during the marketing and public relations module of Spa Business Education. She handles all aspects of these for both Raison d’Etre and the client spas we work with.

This international expertise underpins the curriculum she has created for you, which means you’ll not just get theoretical concepts but specific tools and trainings for circumstances you’ll face as a spa manager.

Years of experience: 20

Patrick Wahlberg—Course Instructor & Creator

Patrick wrote the book (literally—it’s called The Best You) on wellness and nutrition, and in Spa Business Education you receive his outstanding guidance for offering vibrant and healthy food at your spa, as well creating an eco-friendly business through sustainable spa management practices.

Years of experience: 15

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