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Sindy Lagare – Director of Wellness & Spa – LUX | South Ari Atoll, Maldives

“When I started Spa Business Education, I was looking for ways to progress in spa business and leadership.

I had just been promoted to spa manager and was being trained by my manager. I wanted a spa management course online that would tie all of my training together, offer flexibility for my busy schedule and give me a certificate at the end. I got all that in this course!

Personally, Spa Business Education also really strengthened my confidence.

If you want to advance yourself in spa management, this course is definitely worth it. Go for it!”

Sandra Perdigao — Senior Therapist & Trainer at Douro Valley

“I confess that I loved the whole course! However, there were two topics that I didn’t know much about and am so glad I know now.

The first was marketing. I learned how to conduct market research, know my competitors, understand my company and know my client so I can communicate with him well.

And then there was the finance module. I am not a numbers person, but now it gives me so much pleasure look at a report and know what all the numbers mean.

Perhaps the greatest result I took away from Spa Business Education was confidence. I feel more prepared; I’m more organized; and I’m more able to plan with my colleagues.

And soon I will move to the French Alps to begin my first spa manager role!”

Ashley Fransson Mutimutema — Malmö, Sweden


“If you’re interested in becoming a great leader in the spa industry, Spa Business Education is your ticket in!

Just a week after I finished the course l got two job offers. I chose the one I really want, with better benefits than what I’ve had before.

I used to be a massage therapist and personal trainer before moving into a spa management position. In that job l was mostly going on intuition, since I didn’t have spa management training.

But after Spa Business Education, I am very prepared for management. I know how to work strategically toward business goals. I’m confident in team-building. And I’ve become more systematic in everything I do in my job—and even outside of it.

The course helped me learn not just how to develop a spa business but how to develop myself.”

Tania Balasch — Paris, France


“I became a spa supervisor after I finished Spa Business Education. I had first enrolled in the course because I wanted to move into a managerial position, and I got that!

I loved the course. I recommend it because it is very complete, and the teachers are so supportive. It includes everything you need to be confident as a spa manager and become outstanding in this field.

At first, I was intimidated by the finance module, because everything involving numbers has always been challenging for me. Raisin d’Etre has changed everything for me in that aspect. What used to take a week only takes me a day or two now, and my finished financial reports look better than ever!”

Sara Paolicchi — Pisa, Italy


“I signed up for Spa Business Education because I wasn’t satisfied being just a spa therapist anymore. I was ready to learn more, gain a competitive edge and take the next step up in my career.

I was a little bit worried about the finance module at first, but I learned so much, and it turned out to be great for my career.

I am really loving my job now. I get to be a manager and lead a team. I like to be the leader! And I’m on track now to someday have my own small spa…”

Shahin Gadimov—Spa Manager—The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty


When I first began Spa Business Education, I had worked in health clubs and hotels but not spas, and I needed more spa knowledge for my career. I could gain experience from working in spas over the years, but this course was like a shortcut.

I definitely recommend Spa Business Education, whether you’re already managing spas or looking to gain that experience. If you’re already in spa management, the course is a great refresh. If you’re working in a spa but not as a department head, the course is really beneficial because you get the opportunity to learn management skills that you don’t get on the job.

The content of the course is great, but the main benefit comes from the practical exercises, which were also very beneficial for my current role. While working on the assignments, I studied our competitors more deeply, found ways to positively affect our revenue and gained more insight about our current issues and possible resolutions.

Working with Michael, my course mentor, really enhanced what I learned in the video lectures and written material. He gave me great feedback that was always motivating. I also learned a lot from his way of communicating with me, and now I use some of the same motivational communication techniques with my own employees.

The most challenging part of the course for me was the Human Capital Management module. I had done budgeting and business plans before, but not HCM. Now I am more structured about including employee engagement, goals and other aspects of HCM into my planning.

In general, after completing the course, I feel a lot more confident to start new projects, fully aware of the main KPI’s. I am also more structured and organized in my approach to my work.”

Sandeep Kaushik—Spa Sales Manager—Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort (Greater Noida, India)


“Being an MBA, when I heard about Spa Business Education I was thinking: what more can I learn from this course?!

However, unlike other business management programs, I found this one to be very practical. I used my current work as the basis for my assignments along the way, which gave me a great evaluation of our current business model and how we can improve.

Perhaps the most important result for me has been that my motivation and confidence are much stronger than they used to be, so I finally feel ready to take be a successful spa manager, my next career goal.

Plus, in my current role I received a pay raise because of my improved spa management skillset.

Thank you to the whole Spa Business Education team!”

Mutinta Milunga — Spa & Health Club Manager — Calabash Spa (Kampala, Uganda)


“Having found Spa Business Education via Google, at first I was skeptical about its legitimacy and worried about making payments to a program I had never heard of.

But I knew the moment I did the first lesson that this training was a great investment, and every lesson after that proved me right. It gave me the skills set I needed to become a great spa manager and the support I needed to harness that growth.

If you’re thinking of enrolling, I say you should most definitely do it! It will give you the understanding of the spa from a business side and the tools needed to move up from the level of therapist to management with full confidence in your and your team’s ability to succeed.”

Susan Chege—Grand Hyatt Doha


“I had been a therapist for three years and was looking for a spa management course online that would enable me to stand out from other therapists in the job market.

My Spa Business Education diploma has done that for me. Now I can perform treatments and run a successful spa business.

My new knowledge gave me the confidence to change jobs, which I did—and I got a great new job overseas as a result. I get to use my spa management training every day now.”

Asih Ketut – Spa Supervisor at Javvu Spa Amilla Fushi Resort, Maldives


“After I was promoted to spa supervisor, I realized I needed to learn more about management.

A colleague recommended Spa Business Education by Raison d’Etre. I wasn’t sure if an online course would work for me, but it was so flexible, and my program mentor was great, so it turned out to be perfect.

Now I understand all the different parts of spa management, how to be a good leader and how to solve problems that come up within our spa department.

I also know how to manage budgets, minimize costs and create profit and loss reports, which I didn’t know much about before!

This course really brought me to the next level in my career. Thank you, Spa Business Education!”

Apurva Tamhane, M.D. – Integrated Wellness Practitioner, Head of Department – Six Senses Bhutan


“Spa Business Education has given me knowledge and confidence in how to approach management of a wellness center, so I am not only working from my intuition but a structure of knowledge.

The course is wonderfully created. The teachers in the videos are very knowledgeable, and the written materials are detailed and comprehensive. Sometimes I go back and refer to the course modules when I need a reminder about something, which is very helpful.”

Paula Martín—Therapist and Integrated Wellness Practitioner, Six Senses Spa Marbella


“Some of my colleagues suggested Spa Business Education to me so I could learn more about managing spas, and I decided to take the course, too. I have done similar courses before, but this one was definitely the most complete and clear.

One of the most important things I learned is how to create a team that works together and feels good, which is important in every aspect of the business’ success.”

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