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  • Spa therapists who want to take a solid next step in their career, increase their confidence and learn the skills needed to be an excellent spa manager, director or owner
  • Spa professionals who want to learn how to successfully lead and inspire a team
  • Spa managers and assistant spa managers who want more spa management training
  • Anyone who wants to master marketing, sales, finance, leadership, human resources, customer service or business planning in the spa and wellness industry

The complete spa manager education teaches you everything there is to know about spa and wellness management and gives you all the tools, strategies and inspiration you need to become an exceptional spa manager or run your own wellness centre with confidence and ease.

The flexible format of this online spa manager education allows you to study wherever you are and whenever you can, at your own pace.

But you won’t be alone in your studies in our spa manager education. You’ll have a personal course mentor plus a community of fellow students and course graduates to learn from.

Spa Business Education

One time payment $2195 or 4 payments of $595 (all prices USD)


  • 7 Spa Business Education modules

    You’ll be fully prepared for a spa management job once you’ve completed the modules and coursework.

  • Your personal course mentor

    Your mentor is here to answer questions, guide you deeper into each topic and provide feedback on every assignment, so you get the best possible education from your spa management course online.

  • Comprehensive spa management training manuals

    In each module’s detailed manual, you’ll source directly from Raison d’Etre’s deep well of knowledge.

  • Done-for-you templates

    A series of templates – taken directly from Raison d’Etre’s work of creating and advising spas around the world—helps you immediately see each aspect of spa business in practice. And with these templates in-hand, you’ll be saving precious time and energy as you take on management responsibilities in your job.

  • Lifetime access to the Spa Business Education community

    Our private Facebook group is your 24/7 access to feedback, collaboration and resources shared by Raison d’Etre staff and your peers – fellow students and graduates of Spa Business Education. It’s a great place to ask questions, share your wisdom, find collaborators and get exclusive access to shared job opportunities.

  • Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education diploma

    Raison d’Etre Spa Business Education diploma


  • Master the principles of marketing, sales, finance, leadership, human resources, customer service and business planning.
  • Gain the skillset and confidence to succeed at running a spa or wellness center.
  • Learn how to manage your own spa business.
  • Discover secrets of how to manage, lead and inspire a team that most people only learn through years of trial and error.
  • Tap into a growing international community of Spa Business Education staff, students and graduates – to give and receive feedback, collaborate, seek industry insights and share job opportunities.
  • Earn a diploma that certifies your proficiency from a world-recognized leader in spa management, Raison d’Etre.



Personal guidance

You’ll be assigned a course mentor who will support you throughout the spa certification courses.

Our mentors have years of experience in the spa industry. They’re here to assist you in our spa management program and help you understand your assignments, answer questions and provide feedback when you need it.

Your own pace

You complete this spa management course online on your own timeline - whenever and wherever fits your schedule.

Most students graduate our spa management program within a few months. If you want to do it in more or less time, that’s up to you. Your spa certification course mentor will work with you at the pace you choose.

Step by step

The modules in our spa and hospitality management certificate program consist of videos, reading material, templates, examples and assignments.

We teach each topic in a simple and clear language, starting with the basic concepts of spa management and builds from there.


Spa Business Education consists of seven modules with downloadable reading materials, online video lectures and inspiring assignments. Most students spend about two weeks on most modules, but you can set your own timeline.

We’ve designed this spa management training so you complete each topic with a thorough understanding of the principles behind it, how they’re applied and how to put them into action.

By the end of the course, your assignments from each module have come together into a complete business plan—for your own spa business, the company you currently work for or a future spa concept of your own design.

Module 1

Orientation to Spa Business Education

In Module 1 you learn how to make the most of Spa Business Education and what to expect throughout this spa management course online.

Module 2

Marketing and Public Relations

You can have the best spa in the world, but it simply won’t succeed if your target clientele doesn’t hear about it and pay attention. In this module you’ll get:

  • The fundamentals of marketing—what, why and how to get started;
  • How to identify and analyze who your customers are and how to market to them;
  • Keys to using social media, public relations and promotions to attract customers to your spa;
  • Vital knowledge of why, where and how to use retail merchandise to increase your spa’s revenue;
  • All the elements you need to create your first marketing plan (which you’ll actually do!)

Module 3

Leadership and Strategic Planning

Managing a spa or wellness center isn’t just about strategic business knowledge. It’s about human relationships—with your staff, customers, vendors, partners and yourself.
In this module you learn what it takes to be an excellent leader on all fronts. You’ll get:

  • Key strategies for managing your team and managing your time;
  • A roadmap through the six stages of group development so your staff grows stronger as individuals as they grow more united in team goals;
  • Tools for managing conflicts in a way that builds bridges rather than burns them;
  • Raison d’Etre’s very own Human Capital Management Plan template, which you’ll follow to create your own plan to foster personal drive and professional development in every spa employee to support the company’s success overall.

Click here to know more about the Spa Leadership Module.

Module 4


Finance is an area that many aspiring spa managers dread, but in Spa Business Education we make the financial side of management understandable, interesting and easy. We’re proud to say that our students graduate with confidence and enthusiasm about revenue and budgeting!
In this module you get:

  • A primer in budgeting - why we do it, how we do it and what it entails;
  • The foundational formula for calculating your spa’s success through key performance indicators;
  • Tried and true secrets to scheduling and pricing that ensure your employees, your sales and you stay energized;
  • The actual budgeting templates we use at Raison d’Etre, carefully explained and ready for you to turn into your own sample monthly financial report and profit and loss statement.

Click here to know more about the Spa Finance Module.

Module 5

Human Resources

As a spa manager, your staff is your most important resource—always. To benefit from that resource, you’ve got to know who to hire, how to hire, how to integrate them and what best supports them. Here’s what you get in module 5:

  • What kind of human resources structure to provide for your team;
  • Exactly what to do to recruit ideal employees—what to include in each job description, how to interview and what to write in an employment contract;
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating an excellent induction for new team members;
  • Exact job descriptions for common spa positions that you can replicate in your work;
  • A clarifying exercise to help you begin forming your own HR philosophy and structure;
  • And more!

Click here to know more about the Human Capital Management Module.

Module 6

Service Quality Management Excellence

You deliver excellent service when your spa or wellness center’s operational flow is oriented toward bringing value to your guests. This means every aspect of your operations must be customer-oriented. In this module you’ll learn how to achieve that, with:

  • Raison d’Etre’s proven roadmap to customer service excellence, including standard operational procedures, trainings and evaluations to implement;
  • The foundations of creating your spa concept and menu of offerings;
  • An introduction to nutrition so you can offer healthy and delicious spa cuisine to your guests;
  • Fundamental training in creating a sustainability plan for your spa or wellness center.

Click here to know more about the Spa Operations Module.

Module 7

Business Plan

Through the previous modules’ assignments, you’ve already written several components of a business plan. In this final module it’s time to review, refine and pull together everything you’ve learned as you finalize a complete business plan. Most students spend a little extra time about four weeks on this comprehensive module.

In this module you get:

  • Guidelines for measuring how well your spa business is performing, so you know exactly what to strengthen, change or maintain;
  • A complete walk-through of writing your own business plan, point by point;
  • The three essential elements your business goals must include;
  • A simple fill-in business plan template that we recommend here at Raison d’Etre.

Click here to know more about the Spa Business Plan Module.


The Raison d’Etre team—Nov. 2019

Founded in 1998, today Raison d’Etre is one of the world’s premier spa development consultancies.

We’ve helped develop more than 160 spas of different varieties in over 50 countries. We’ve also created eight renowned spa brands, including Aman, Jiva and LivNordic. Our education team has trained more than 300 spa managers around the world in everything from hotel spa management to cruise ship spa management and everything in between.

We know what it takes to build and maintain a spa or wellness centre that thrives. On the one hand, you’ve got to know what to do and how to do it—with excellence. On the other hand, the right mindset is key—a mindset of confidence, creativity and adaptability. We created Spa Business Education to share all of this with you—the knowledge, the mindset and how to merge the two.

We’re here to help you transform into a confident, qualified spa manager of the highest calibre. And we’re so excited to have you join us!


One of the most crucial elements of your success in Spa Business Education - and one you won’t find in other spa management courses online - is your personal course mentor. You’ll be introduced to yours at the beginning of the course.

Spa Business Education mentors are highly experienced spa management professionals who are here to answer any questions you might have throughout the modules and to offer insight and guidance as you complete each assignment.


Nikos Kouremenos, Ph.D.

As education manager at Raison d’Etre and a Spa Business Education course mentor, Nikos offers you invaluable insight that comes from helping to open and operate more than 50 health clubs and spas around the world. Students appreciate his wise, detailed feedback and how it deepens their understanding of the business topic at hand.

If Nikos is your mentor, be sure to ask him what planning the 2004 Athens Olympics and running a 7,500-square-meter spa had in common...and which was easier to manage. His experience is priceless!

Michael Simonato

Michael has been with Raison d’Etre for 20 years. He loves being a mentor to Spa Business Education students because he gets to draw from his full spectrum of experience - from top spas on four different continents - as he guides you through your education in spa management.

For a story that transcends what you might imagine spa management to be, ask Michael how an ancient Incan discovery helped him and his team create an award-winning spa in the Peruvian high Andes.


“Spa Business Education conveys up-to-date knowledge and skills to make your spa and your career even more successful. It gives you the tools you need for your daily work. Furthermore, you will get a sophisticated strategic view of upcoming trends and challenges, targeted to the spa business. The instructors’ many years of work experience, combined with excellent online teaching methods, represent a unique educational possibility for you and your spa team.”

- Daniel Binder, Institute of Health and Tourism Management (FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria)

“Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas are proud supporters of Spa Business Education. We are very excited to be growing our brand rapidly across the world and recognize that building a new hotel is much easier than finding, training and developing the teams. At Six Senses Spas we are committed to providing our hosts with development opportunities, and we find this program meets all our needs by preparing our spa leaders for success.”

- Kent Richards, Corporate Operations Director, Six Senses Spas

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