CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management Diploma Program – partial payment

$525 (excluding VAT) / month for 4 months

Partial payment / 6 months access

If you chose this program you will enroll in our most prestigious qualification. The basic course content is the same as for the Spa Management Program with an addition of extra study material according to the CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management syllabus. The CIDESCO Exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part involves an online test with multiple-choice questions and the practical part is a 15-minute PowerPoint Presentation online on a section of your business plan.

After a successful Exam you will receive our Raison d’Etre Diploma, the international CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management Diploma and a nice badge. You can learn more about CIDESCO by following this link.

During this program you will:

  • Master the principles of marketing, sales, finance, leadership, human resources, customer service and business planning.
  • Gain the skillset and confidence to succeed at running a spa or wellness center.
  • Learn how to manage your own spa business.
  • Discover secrets of how to manage, lead and inspire a team that most people only learn through years of trial and error.
  • Tap into a growing international community of Spa Business Education staff, students and graduates to give and receive feedback, collaborate, seek industry insights and share job opportunities.
  • Earn a diploma that certifies your proficiency from a world-recognized leader in spa management, Raison d’Etre.
  • Earn the international CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management Diploma and a nice badge.