Why Is A Spa Leadership Program A Must?

According to the report presented in Global Spa and Wellness Summit, SRI International one of the reasons that hinder the growth of spas worldwide is not enough trained spa managers (PDF Devices, SPA MANAGEMENT WORKFORCE & EDUCATION: ADDRESSING MARKET GAPS, 2012). This might be due to improper management skills, communication skills or even lack of leading a team. At times, a manager may have all the knowledge required to run a successful spa, but might not be able to work together as a team to achieve the goals. In situations like these, a spa leadership program can come to a manager’s rescue. A good leadership program can act as a catalyst that makes all other elements work in harmony. Read the following points to know about how a program for leadership training can be helpful and the different aspects it covers.

Group dynamics

Consider this; a spa manager has brought together some of the finest people to solve a problem. Though this kind of a group has a high potential of solving a problem, there might be several factors that hold them back. For example, one might be very critical about another colleague’s idea; this might make another colleague conscious and hold him/her back from sharing an opinion. This can be a classic example of poor group dynamics. According to Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist noted that people often take different roles when they work in a group. “Group dynamics” is described as the effects of these roles on other group members, and the group as a whole (Mind Tools, IMPROVING GROUP DYNAMICS, n.d.). Hence, a program can help an individual understand how to guide the development of a group. A manager can even opt for a spa leadership online program to understand his group and come up with ways for good group dynamics.

Conflict management

When 8-9 hours are spent with some people, conflict becomes almost inevitable. There might be times when a manager prioritizes meeting deadlines and improving overall productivity, rather than solving conflicts. Managing conflict in such a way can get in the way of employee’s productivity. Especially, where employees directly interact with customers, a spa manager cannot afford to overlook the importance of conflict management. Hence, it is important to enroll for a spa leadership online program. A proper training can help a manager understand that leadership is about anticipating the unexpected, and help come up with solutions at the right time and a disinterested manner.

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