How spa retail sales benefit the organization, spa professionals and spa guests


Quite a few of spas around the world do not realize the full potential of spa retailing, or just haven’t been able to utilize its full potential. Selling spa retail products can significantly increase a spa’s revenue and will in the end benefit the organization, the spa professionals working at the spa, and the guests in numerous ways.

Benefits of spa retail sales

The benefits of spa retailing can be viewed on three levels: the organization, the spa professionals, the spa guests.

1. Benefits for the organization

The most obvious reason spa retailing benefits a spa organization is the increase in revenue. It’s widely accepted within the spa industry that spa retail sales should at least contribute to around 20% of the organization’s overall revenue, but of course, the more the better. The 20-25% mark is often cited as the achievable limit and every spa should always strive to reach it, but in reality, a lot of spa’s fall short of these spa sales numbers.

One of the foremost benefits stemming from spa retail sales is that they usually contribute to the spa’s overall profitability much more than many spa treatments. This is simply because the margins are usually higher with spa retail products. Achieving good spa retail sales could sometimes be necessary for a spa’s financial sustainability. Spa retailing is in the end a simple, yet very effective way to increase one’s revenue.

A second beneficial aspect of selling spa retail products is that retail extends the guest journey beyond the physical environment of your spa where they get to experience pseudo-treatments at home with your spa retail products.

2. Benefits for spa professionals

Spa retailing can benefit spa professionals in a number of ways including increased salary and/or other rewards and recognition schemes. A supplementary benefit from spa retailing could also be enhanced employability.

The most common incentive within spas is usually commission where the spa staff earns a small percentage of the spa retail products they manage to sell. The commission rates can vary greatly but are usually somewhere between 10 and 20% and can as such provide a substantial increase in salary for the spa staff.

Other benefits for spa professionals include such things as receiving free or discounted spa retail products, and the possibility to earn rewards from recognition schemes and awards such as “Employee/retailer of the month” and similar contests.

3. Benefits for spa guests

Even the spa guests will benefit from spa retailing as they are getting access to an additional service to use and enjoy. Spa guests with specific skin or body care needs will appreciate your spa’s provision of product recommendations greatly and is in many cases essential to address their own concerns. The spa retail products will be the answer and solution to their concerns and enhance the benefits of the spa treatments they’ve partaken in outside of the physical spa.

A spa with experienced spa staff will be able to give a more personal and powerful introduction to spa retail products, giving a better spa experience to the spa visitors which will greatly exceed any department store counter.

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