12 Marketing Ideas for Your Spa Business


Today, more and more individuals are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the stress of their daily life. An increasingly popular and easy way to do this is by visiting and relaxing in a spa.

If you’ve just started or are planning to open a spa business in the near future, this article is for you. Because if you want to be able to offer your customers a luxury spa experience, the first step is getting them to recognize and respect your spa facility. What better way to do this than by creating awareness and increasing the potential amount of customers by having an effective spa marketing plan?

Offering your customers some of the best services is just the first step to a successful spa. It is also important to ensure you are always on top of your spa marketing strategy. In order to do this, you can create a calendar, wherein you decide marketing for your spa business, spa advertisements, PR, and promotional activities for the rest of the month.

The following are a few pointers that explain why you need a spa marketing plan, the benefits of spa advertisements and 12 spa marketing ideas for your spa business.

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Why Do You Need a Spa Marketing Strategy?

A spa marketing strategy is essential to the success and sustainability of any spa business. By creating a spa marketing strategy or a plan for your spa facility, you will be able to develop and set clear goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Having a spa marketing plan also allows you to explore innovative and profitable ways to grow your business.

A way to improve your strategic planning for your spa and create an effective spa marketing plan and strategy is to find and learn from online spa strategy courses. This type, of course, can offer the crux of strategic planning, ideas on how to create effective marketing for your spa, simple ways to improve your spa advertisements and much more. As this course is online, you and your team members can manage your facility whilst enhancing your skills.

Benefits of Creating an Effective Spa Marketing Plan

Having a strategic spa marketing plan for your facility will enable you to:

  • Set a sense of direction for your business
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Increase market share and profitability
  • Understand how you are different and get an insight into why your target audience will visit your spa facility

These are a few ways in which you can benefit from creating an effective strategic plan for marketing your spa and wellness center.

12 Spa Strategies for Better Marketing

The one constant question that you might face while setting up your spa business is how to market it. To make this simpler, we have listed below a few spa promotion and marketing ideas that are used by many spa businesses and have proven to be very effective.

The spa marketing strategies will be divided into three different sections:

  • Online spa marketing and presence
  • Partnerships with non-competitive local business
  • Creating different loyalty spa programs

1. Online presence

An online presence is not just important anymore, it’s ESSENTIAL for any type of business in our digital age. A majority of all business transactions start online whether it’s about buying shoes and clothes directly from a website, or researching the best spa in town.

Creating an online presence should be of the utmost priority and one of the first spa marketing strategies on your list in the spa marketing plan.

Create an attractive and functional website

It is no longer optional to have a website for your spa. Before visiting any facility, watching a movie or even shopping, users are bound to research it online. So plan to create a website in your spa marketing plan that is easy to navigate, gives valuable information, is SEO friendly, and lists all your services.

Make use of local SEO

Not just spas, but almost all businesses are using Search Engine Optimisation in spa marketing to increase their presence online. You can use SEO for effective content creation and share it with your followers on varied social media accounts. This will not only help to improve brand awareness but also eventually lead to a larger clientele.

Market your spa business via social media

One of the most cost effective and powerful marketing tools available in the digital age for your spa marketing is social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It gives you the possibility of reaching out to people regardless of where they are, and provides a fast and easy way to communicate directly with your clients.

Continuously updating your social media is an effective spa marketing strategy which will result in an active following who will spread the word of your business to friends and relatives as well as digital word-of-mouth between people online. Word-of-mouth has and always will be a very effective type of spa advertisement whether it’s done online or offline.

Another benefit of social media is its potential to boost your spa’s reputation with good PR. PR is a cost effective way of securing quality content for your brand on high volume websites. This enables you to communicate your key brand messages, creating an emotional bond between you and your audiences.

A lot of business opportunities start on social media where you can develop relationships with key journalists and bloggers and provide them with articles and videos which are informative and engaging for their readers. This process can result in significant word-of-mouth around your spa or salon business, leading to greater awareness and new enquiries.

Leverage the power of video marketing

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic. Hence, you should consider making engaging videos for your spa advertisement, which will drive traffic to your website and eventually your spa.

Use email marketing

“Cover all the bases” is a simple, yet effective way to go when conducting spa marketing. Having physical as well as digital spa marketing will result in a better outreach where you get to connect with more potential clients.

Email spa marketing might not be as trendy as SEO, but it is, and always has been, an effective spa advertising strategy. The more channels you go through, the more attention leading to additional clients.

2. Partner up with non-competitive local businesses

Let’s continue into the second section of our spa marketing ideas: partnering up with other local businesses.

This is a type of spa marketing that relies on a relationship between your spa, and other similar businesses who share the same ideals and mission in promoting good health and well-being. These include businesses such as:

  • Hairdressers
  • Stylists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Makeup-artists
  • Chiropractors
  • Medicine practitioners

These businesses usually share the same clientele with you, and by that fact, a need for marketing similar to your spa marketing. But since they offer different services, there won’t be the risk of competition. Instead you can benefit from each other in a number of ways resulting in better spa marketing for you, increasing the number of clients and revenue for both.


Partnering up with other similar businesses in the local area is an effective spa advertising plan and can result in a big increase in clients. Since they’ve already established themselves to the clientele you are also interested in, their trustworthiness with their clientele will result in them being more inclined to give you a try.

In essence, this spa promotion idea shares your existing clientele with each other which will in most cases lead to an increase in customers for both of you.


There is also the possibility of a spa marketing cross-promotion between your spa business and other local businesses. You can attract more customers for one another by adapting spa promotion ideas such as internal flyer distribution, handing out business cards, or other posted spa advertisements.

3. Create loyalty spa programs

Last but not least is the use of different types of loyalty spa programs in your spa marketing. Yes, it might be an old-fashioned type of spa advertisement, but it is effective. This type of spa marketing is a way to thank your existing clientele, which is always a good idea since it’s usually easier to generate repeat business from existing clients, than to create new business from strangers.

By incorporating different loyalty spa programs in your spa marketing you reward your clients for being loyal, which in turn will ensure they appreciate your services and return. This is also an opportunity to teach them more about your services and treatments, and potentially get them to try something new.

Let’s also not forget: customers love discounts, offers and everything that is free of cost. Hence coming up with spa promo ideas such as early bird discounts, loyalty programs give you leverage over your competitors and helps you to attract customers via spa advertisement in the most conventional yet convenient manner.

Refer-a-friend programs

First out of our spa marketing ideas: Refer-a-friend or Recruit-a-friend programs. This day spa marketing is simple, by referring a friend to your spa, the one referring will receive some sort of reward. Maybe a discount or free treatment on their next visit, or a free sample product.

Spa marketing strategies such as these result in a win-win situation:

  • You get a new client
  • Your existing client get rewarded for spreading the word of your business
  • The new client finds out about your great spa business!


Giveaways! Everyone loves them and it’s an effective and one of the most common spa marketing ideas out there. Giveaways as a day spa marketing strategy creates hype about your spa business while at the same time rewarding your clientele for their continuous support.

Daily deals and flash sales

Daily deals and flash sales can benefit your spa business in two ways:

    • First of all, it’s a good spa marketing strategy to create some interest and demand for new products and treatments. By lowering the price for a limited time, more people will be inclined to seize the opportunity and try it out, without having to make a big investment or commitment.
    • Second, it’s a great spa marketing idea to sell off some excess products for when you want to update your offering but need to get rid of the surplus products in storage.

Complimentary treatments

The loyalty programs such as spa advertisements are mainly there to reward and thank your existing clientele for their business. Giving out complimentary treatments every once in a while or “2-for-1 bring-a-friend” offers are great spa marketing ideas where you will both thank your existing clientele and possibly gain additional clients.


Memberships programs have been used for a long time in most industries, the spa industry included. It’s a simple, yet effective type of spa marketing, and it’s beneficial to both you and your clientele. They receive rewards for the continued support, while you get a loyal client for many years to come.

Spa courses for operating a spa

These are just a few of the spa promo ideas that can transform the way your facility operates and boost your business. If you are just getting started with managing your spa, you should consider signing up for our online spa courses and we’ll teach you how to do effective spa marketing where you get to learn how to carry out different spa promotion ideas. These courses can help you get an overall understanding of how to manage a spa, your employees, spa marketing activities and just different ways to use spa marketing strategies for promoting your spa.

Contact us directly for more winter or summer spa promotion ideas, information about our online spa courses or for other frequently asked questions you might need an answer for.