Spa Leadership Program: Transitioning From Theory To Practical

When we think of leisure and soothing activities, the first thing that comes to our mind is a spa. There is no doubt that including a spa facility in your industry has various benefits. Spa is not only beneficial for the hotel industries but many businesses are also availing spa facilities in their offices to reduce stress of their employees and to encourage them to be more productive. So how did the demand for spa education program rise?

The need for spa education program

In this age of unending stress and hectic routine, spa which has been associated with luxuries has now become a necessity. People are looking for capable spa industries which provide the perfect experience of relieving mental and physical stress. With this rise in demand for using spa facilities there has been a considerable increase in the number of spa’s worldwide.

There are approximately 80000 Spa’s worldwide and it’s quite certain that these spas’ are not in the hands of graduate professionals of formal spa management training programs (Lisa Starr, SPA MANAGEMENT THE LEADERSHIP GAP, 2017). In order to have a successful spa business it has become important to avail spa business education which not only helps to manage fitness and spa facilities but also helps to smoothly manage all the business processes not just in theory but also practically.

However, before you start looking for an institute which provides an online spa education course and various spa management courses there are certain factors you need to consider. You need to ensure the theoretical material being provided is valuable, easy to understand and guides you efficiently. You need to make sure the institute has a good reputation, is well established and will provide you your money’s worth. Along with this, it’s extremely important to understand the modules included in your spa education and how these modules will benefit you in establishing a successful spa and wellness facility in your industry.

The modules that should be included in spa business management

A lot of Spa’s believe that on-job training is important, but most spas do not take into consideration the various other aspects of spa management. While beginning with spa business management program the following modules should be covered in your spa training:-

1. Introduction To Spa Management:

This is a basic module which helps in realising all the various aspects of spa management. It helps spa businesses to gain insight and understand the spa business better.

2. Handling Marketing:

All businesses thrive on marketing and this is a very important aspect of any course. It is very important to choose a facility which helps to handle the marketing, PR and even social media in this digital age. Marketing the right way helps you to expand your spa business successfully.

3. HR and Finance:

The HR and Finance aspect are important to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. Being able to manage your finance helps you to analyze and adopt better strategies to increase your business. Instead of outsourcing this department, businesses can simply choose to train their existing staff in these departments as well. Also, Strategic Human Capital Management which is a people focused part of HR that helps in uniting human resources to work is an important part of the module.

4. Helps formulate Business Plans:

Spa businesses run on successful implementation of well formulated business plans and strategies. This module helps to understand different business plans which can be adopted in order to develop business.

5. Leadership:

Leadership is the most important aspect of Spa Business Management, since, good and efficient leaders help to run and manage your business successfully. This just shows how important it is to enrol managers into spa leadership program for proper training to understand leadership roles and responsibilities.

Importance of spa leadership program

SRI surveyed more than 700 spa industry leaders and the study showed that a staggering 95% faced challenges in hiring spa managers with the required skill set and experience. The survey also identified six crucial areas in which managers lacked skills, strategic thinking, management and leadership skills, communication skills, information technology and flexibility (Lisa Starr, SPA MANAGEMENT THE LEADERSHIP GAP, 2017). Therefore this gave rise to Spa Leadership Program which aims to help coordinate the entire team to achieve business goals.

Being a leader does not mean doing as little as possible but it requires one to be strategic, ambitious, and approachable and someone who keeps the best interest of their staff and guests in mind. Spa Leadership Program helps to create able and excellent leaders who would like to learn more and new efficient ways of management. A spa leadership program should also provide insight into how to understand group dynamics, how to resolve any conflicts within the management or with any unsatisfied customer and being prepared for any unexpected issues. Managers and directors can also avail the spa leadership online program for enhancing their existing skills.

How spa leadership program helps in turning theory to practical
Having a successful spa director or leader requires a wide set of both hard and soft skills. A leader is also responsible to ensure that all the education received through online spa education course or spa business education is actually materializing and being put to use effectively. Having theoretical knowledge about running a spa business is of no use if one cannot successfully implement it practically.

A good spa leadership program helps in creating efficient leaders who understand their roles and responsibilities and realize the importance of not only availing spa business education for their instructors, attendants, trainers and therapists but also ensuring the knowledge is being put to good use. A proper training helps Manager Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and implementation.

The importance of spa business education cannot be stressed enough. With the rising demand of spa industries due to its focus on health and wellness, it’s important for spa industries to have a more well informed and efficient staff. Businesses should choose an effective spa leadership programs which can help them transition their theoretical knowledge to practical use.

“The above blog is written by a third party and is only for informative purposes. It does not reflect Spa Business Education’s position with regards to the provided information.”