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Welcome to the world of finance. You can be a great leader in many ways, but you need to know your numbers to achieve complete success. Anna Bjurstam will guide you through this course and her goal is to make you comfortable with finance in an easy and understandable way.

Spa Finance Course for better financial management of your Spa

Learn all the Spa finance basics that you need to know as a Spa Manager. We will look at different budget types and the purpose of budgeting. We will go through the budget process and learn how to prepare a budget and a P&L statement. We will look at important finance definitions and check your spa’s important KPIs, such as Capture ratio, Spa guest/Hotel guest ratio, Spa revenue per occupied room, Treatment room occupancy, Mystery Shopper statistics, Guest statistics, Therapist occupancy and specific Retail sales KPIs. We will go through scheduling KPIs, retail and sales, treatment statistics, revenue management and good examples of monthly report systems.

By completing the Spa Finance Course you will have sound financial management knowledge for your daily spa operations.

The course consists of four video tutorials for Spa finance management and reading material. You will also work on your own Profit and Loss statement for your spa, with the help of budget examples and a template that is given to you. To evaluate your newly gained knowledge, you end the course with a quiz.

“Face your fear and doubts, and a new world will open to you”
– Robert Kiyosaki


  1. Spa Finance fundamentals
  2. KPI used in spas and financial reporting
  3. Scheduling
  4. Spa Revenue management fundamentals
  5. Profit & lost statement and monthly report schedule


  • Watch the videos
  • Read & study the written manual
  • Work on your own P&L statement assignment
  • Test and evaluate yourself with a quiz
  • Check your answers


We are always here to support you and we will be available during the whole course period. Please let us know when you need help or if you get behind schedule and we will get back to you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Individual Course

Spa Finance

2 - 3 WeeksUSD 390
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Program Manager

Nikos Kouremenos

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Course Testimonial

“It gave me ability to plan and design a new spa and to run it to one of the most profitable spas in Denmark. I can highly recommend it.”
– Linda Myrberg

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