Mariell Arrhenius

HR Manager

Mariell joined Raison d’Etre as a Spa Manager for our LivNordic spas onboard Viking Ocean Cruises in September 2016. Prior to joining Raison d’Etre Mariell, enjoyed a successful career working in spa management at five-star hotel operations at island resorts in tropical locations such as Maldives, grand city hotels in Doha and in a high-end boutique spa in Oman. She holds a therapy background in massage and fitness with several years’ experience both in Sweden and in Asia.

After three contracts onboard LivNordic spas onboard Viking Ocean Cruises, including managing the team for Viking Ocean Cruises inaugural World cruise in 2018, she was promoted to HR Manager and joined our Raison d´Etre office team in Sweden. She is mainly working with recruitment and manning support, especially for our LivNordic spas, but also other projects.

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