How To Promote Your Spa With Social Media?


Promoting your spa online is not only about making a professionally-designed website and updating blogs regularly. In order to survive in the ever-increasing wellness industry, you need to come up with strategies that can help improve your online presence. This is because according to the 2014 Nielson Global Survey of e-commerce, 61% of consumers use social networking sites to help make a buying decision (Nielson, E-commerce: Evolution Or Revolution In The Fast-moving Consumer Goods World? 2014).

Hence, to improve your spa’s social media and communicate directly with your potential customers you can use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as YouTube. With these sites, you will be able to generate immediate interest in spa specials, build your own community of your regular customers and provide them with frequent updates on special events and offers, with just a few clicks.

Read the following points to know more about how to promote spa services and get the best results through your spa social media marketing.


Today, you seldom find a customer who is not a member of a social media site like Facebook or Twitter. This is an ideal platform to share your services and customer reviews, post photos of your spa, and spread awareness of your brand. To make the most from this site, you can consider the following tips; share content that your readers might actually want to read, post pictures of your services and spa interiors as they are more engaging. Also, make sure your Facebook page is optimized and user-friendly to make it easy for the customers to find details such as location, services, reviews, etc.

Besides this, you need to consider a few essentials that are used by most businesses for spa social media marketing:

  • Always have a business page to promote your spa
  • Keep a close check on the ‘highlight’ section on Facebook
  • Track the geographical location of your potential customers
  • Keep a trail of your customers online pattern


With around 200 million users in just 4 years, Instagram is one of the most recent members of the social media family. While using this site, make sure you use trending hashtags with geographic locations to draw users to your profile and find out more about your spa brand.

For example, #Stockholm #spaspecials; this can help ensure you appear in the search list while individuals are looking for spa specials in Stockholm. You can also post promotional photos so that your clients are always aware of the new services and offer in your spa.

Some of the main tips to follow to become popular on Instagram are:

  • Make your Instagram handle business-oriented
  • Be consistent and regular at posting
  • Indulge in stories to give live updates to your followers
  • Understand the time your followers are most active on Instagram


As much as people are involved in a plethora of social media handles, YouTube is one medium that can never run out of viewers. It is one of the first handles to get popular and can gain the kind of subscribers/viewers it has. As a result, a lot of spa businesses prefer using this platform to popularise their business in the form of video content.

We have listed below some tips on how to promote spa business through YouTube:

  • Keep the videos short, clean and understandable
  • Be consistent while posting
  • Collaborate with customers and competitors
  • Make brand promotions through videosYou can also opt for spa social media marketing courses for making a proper marketing plan to make your spa successful. These tips can help you increase your online presence, attract new customers and create an interactive relationship with them.


Last but not least, Twitter. Short, quick and engaging, those are the keywords to follow when “Tweeting” on Twitter. It’s also something you have to follow since you’re limited to only 280 characters. You can also post videos and pictures, and you know what they say: “A picture says more than a thousand words”.

Listed below are some tips for social media marketing for spas on Twitter:

  • Keep the post short, and make it eye-catching
  • Post regularly and consistent
  • Use pictures and photos to make it more engaging
  • Interact with your customers through your feed
  • Identify trends and retweet articles and other content your customer-base would be interested in
  • Use videos from your YouTube channel to promote it

Along with these tips, you can opt for online spa education that can help you gain better insights to improve your spa management, finance, group dynamics, marketing, PR, etc.

In the end, social media is only a small area of spa marketing, there’s a plethora more ways to market your business effectively. Not to mention, not everyone uses social media, especially the older generation who’s a big spa-goer. Interested to know which they are? Learn additional spa social marketing ideas and strategies with Spa Business Education here.

“The text above is written in online marketing purposes. The views are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spa Business Education.”