Michael Simonato

Hi, My name is Michael Simonato. I’ve been working with Rason d’Etre since the beginning. I am a project manager and a mentor in the Spa Business Education. I grew up in Sweden, have worked all over the world, and now I am based in Ireland.

My passion for work:

I love the creative journey in spa development; from brainstorming, to concept design to on-site coaching. As a mentor, I am inspired by my students. To watch them succeed and reach their full potential is a real blessing.

My Raison d’Etre:

I have a deep love and respect for nature and Mother Earth. I grow my own vegetables and love to be elbow deep in the dirt. I have a deep interest in shamanism and ancient healing, and the infinite wonder of this existence. I also enjoy long-boarding, hiking and playing music.


20 May 2021