Michael Simoes

Hi, I am Michael Simoes. I have been working with the LivNordic Spa side of Raison d’Etre since 2015, starting onboard Viking Cruises as a Spa Manager and now working on land. I have a 20+ yr background in massage, health care and hospitality. I have Portuguese roots, grew up in Canada and am based in Chicago.

My passion for work:

I truly feel that being happy is what makes life meaningful. If someone isn’t happy, they can’t live a fulfilling life. That’s why I love my work – we make people happy. Seeing a guest leave our spas wanting to come back the next day brings me joy and shows that we are doing something right.

My Rasion d’Etre:

I am a huge fan of travelling to new places because it allows me to meet people from different cultures and see firsthand how they live their lives. These experiences can never be duplicated or replaced, and it’s exceedingly difficult to describe the wonderful feeling of discovery and connection they provide – you just have to try it yourself. I especially love visiting wineries and learning about their wines, and few things make me happier than playing and listening to music.


20 May 2021