Ian Bell

Hi, I’m Ian and I started working with Raison d’Etre in 2000, opening spas in the Maldives and then managing the first Aman Resort Spa in Thailand. Since then, I’ve been involved in pretty much every aspect of researching, designing and operating high-end luxury spa and wellness facilities that you can think of, including the training of spa directors and massage therapists. I love to see people grow and help them along the way where I can.

My Passion:

Being half German, half English is to balance a wildly creative imagination with a practical, down to earth business sense. This is the foundation for my true passion, understanding the psychology of space which allows me to not only see potential, beauty but also operational functionality and flow that brings light and life to spaces for others to enjoy being and working in.

My Raison d’Etre:

Being creative. I love using my hands to create and am innately curious about how things are done. So, whether I’m cooking, crafting, DIYing, traveling, writing or integrating new ways to support people’s mental health as a councillor, I couldn’t imagine a life without the joy of creativity and learning.


20 May 2021