Charlie Morris

My name is Charlotte, better known as Charlie and I have worked for LivNordic since 2017, starting as a Beauty Therapist and working my way up to Spa Manager. Since joining as a therapist I knew this was the company for me. Now here I am, a very proud Trainer for Raison d’Etre and I must say its my dream job! I have finally discovered a career where I can combine my love for spa with my love of travelling.

My passion for work:

I have been fortunate to work with some of the most incredible people. Every day I learn something new about their culture or what is their Raison d’Etre. That is when I knew my passion was in learning and even more so in training. Being able to share knowledge and grow as a team can be very powerful. You can seetheir eyes light up with excitement, they have a new found confidence and they feel empowered to reach their full potential. Seeing our therapists embrace our core values and to truly become LivNordic ambassadors is a feeling I never want to lose.

My Rasion d’Etre:

In 2020 I decided to embark on a journey to gain a healthier lifestyle. Whilst on this journey I have developed so many new passions and an overall love for life! Between daily walks through nature, trying to cook and even starting a blog I’msurprised I even have time to work. I guess I am one of the lucky ones whose job never feels like work.


20 May 2021