Do’s And Don’ts Of Spa Social Media

Almost half of the world’s population has internet access, which amounts to approximately 2 billion people and there is over two billion active social media users globally. These figures indicate that 2/3 of the people online use social media (Jenny F., Sysomos, HOW MANY PEOPLE USE SOCIAL MEDIA? 2016). This makes it clear how pervasive social media has become for your business.

While you are considering using social media for spa marketing, there a few dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. This is because social media is not only about sending out posts frequently to attract clients, but it requires your time, efforts, and a systematic approach, just like the other aspects of your business. Read the following points to learn more.

Do create a strategy

There are several social media platforms. But, which ones suit the most for your business? Where are your potential customers most active? You need to be where your audience is. Once you have selected these platforms, it is now time to create a schedule.

Do make a schedule for posting

Your posts will go unnoticed if not updated frequently. Therefore, you need to decide the frequency of your posts. Will it be thrice a day or a week? Frequent posts ensure you are in front of your audience all day.

Don’t forget to decide the time

Just posting regularly is not enough. You also need to understand what time each post needs to go live. For instance, if you have a business Facebook page for your spa business, you can click on ‘insights’ and then ‘Posts’, to know about the time and days your audience is active the most.

Don’t post the same content on all platforms

You might have selected multiple accounts as a part of your spa social media strategy. And, are you posting the same content on all your accounts? If yes, do not continue it. This is because each platform has its own strength and users expect the content to be delivered in that format. For example, Instagram is well-suited for imagery; whereas, Facebook is suitable for longer-form of content like news and announcements.

Don’t forget to engage

Think of your media platforms as an opportunity to converse with your audience. You can consider connecting with them by asking their opinions about spa-related topics and their feedback. Understanding their feedback can help you improve your services as well as make your audience feel their opinions are valued.

Additionally, you should also consider for signing up for spa courses online, which can help you create a concrete marketing plan. Remember, social media is a huge opportunity to get your brand name out there and connect with potential customers while retaining the current ones.

“The text above is written in the online marketing purposes. The views are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spa Business Education.”