How You Can Benefit From A Course In Spa Dynamics

The demand for Spa has increased considerably in the past few years. According to a research conducted by Global Wellness Institute, the Global Wellness Industry grew 10.6% from 2013-2015 that is from $3.36 trillion to $3.72 trillion market (Global Wellness Institute, SPA STATISTICS AND FACTS, 2016). Due to the long and strenuous working hours, stress has manifested itself in our lives. Since spas provide an opportunity for wellness, recovery and relaxation of the body and mind, they have increasingly become a necessity rather than luxury.

More number of industries and businesses are including spa facilities for their employees. The global workplace wellness industry grew by 6.4% from 2013 to 2015, from $40.7 billion to $43.3 billion (Global Wellness Institute, SPA STATISTICS AND FACTS, 2016). This just shows us how so many businesses are taking measures for helping their employees reduce their stress levels.

Spa Business is associated with health and wellness and it’s extremely important for various institutes providing this facility, to understand the necessity of undergoing professional training. Spa education helps to have a better overview of various business processes associated with running a spa business. Various facilities are also providing online courses which can help spa facilities from all over the world to be better prepared and well informed about their roles and responsibilities.

Importance of spa courses online

Being digitally advanced has helped mankind to overcome the problem of communication across different nations. Thanks to this now spa facilities situated in different parts of the world can avail spa business education online. Many facilities situated in different parts of the world are frequently visited by travelers. Travelers on leisure vacation are enthusiastic to try out the spa experience of different cultures. A research conducted by Global Wellness Institute has shown that World Travelers made a whooping 691 million wellness trips in 2015 (Global Wellness Institute, SPA STATISTICS AND FACTS, 2016). Hence, spa wellness and treatment facilities need to be better equipped and well informed to take advantage of this and increase their business.

An online spa course covers various modules which can be extremely beneficial for a spa business. These programs are designed in a way that can be beneficial for not only your fitness instructors, attendants, and spa therapists but also spa managers and directors. In short these courses offer an insight into running your spa business like a well oiled machine. In order to run your business efficiently it’s important to not only train your staff but also to enhance the skills of spa managers and directors.

Spa courses contain various modules such as marketing, PR and social media strategies, HR and finance management, business planning, leadership and one of the most important aspects being spa dynamics.

What is spa dynamics?

Sometimes running a successful business is just not enough, it’s also important to ensure the unity within the staff and how they can work together as a team in achieving business goals. Spa dynamics helps in effectively and smoothly managing your spa business. This program helps leaders in maintaining the harmony of business.

Spa dynamics can be divided into two sections:-

Group Dynamics:

Group dynamics can be defined as “the interactions that influence the attitudes and behavior of people when they are grouped with others through either choice or circumstances” (Collins English Dictionary, GROUP DYNAMICS, 2011). When a group of people who are not familiar with each other are brought together, it takes a certain amount of time for them to get along and function as a group. Since a group involves bringing together individuals with different backgrounds and personalities, group dynamics becomes an important aspect of spa dynamics. It is the study of different phases in group dynamics such as:

i) Forming- This is the first stage of group dynamics where members belonging to a particular group are cautious and aware of their behavior.

ii) Storming- In this stage conflicts and competition arise. The members continue suppressing their feelings which can cause some tension in the group due to difference of opinion or competitive feelings.

iii) Norming- In this phase the group receives a much needed clarity and acknowledge each other’s talents and skills. A sense of belonging can be achieved in this stage.

iv) Performing- Once the third phase is complete, individuals begin to function as a group and start working together towards achieving business goals.

v) Adjourning- In this final stage the group comes together in order to celebrate each other’s success and encourage each other to perform better.


Enrolling for online course on spa group dynamics can help businesses to understand each phase and how to guide group members through each phase effectively.

Conflict Management:

The second stage of group dynamics which is storming is a very sensitive stage. There is always a possibility of friction between group members since each individual have different personalities. This friction could cost businesses a lot as it could hamper the productivity of the staff members. In order to maintain a healthy environment in business it is extremely important for spa directors and managers to understand the importance of conflict management. As the famous quote by John C Maxwell “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” Conflict management is all about being close enough to staff to resolve any conflicts, yet being motivating enough to make them realize and focus on common goals.

The importance of spa dynamics cannot be stressed enough. Spa dynamics course can help various spa businesses to increase their productivity by ensuring a happy and united work environment. Establishing harmony at workplace can help staff members to achieve a feeling of belonging and work towards achieving common business goals.