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Anna Bjurstam

Managing Partner

Anna Bjurstam has always been dedicated to wellness and has worked in the business for 25 years that started in the area of Fitness to later evolve in to all areas of Wellness. Together with her hands on expertise, through in depth studies in everything from fitness, yoga, meditation and healing together with a Master Degree in Business Administration Anna was a leading force within Raison d’Etre since the very beginning back in 1998. Anna is now Vice President of Spas for Six Senses Spas & Resorts Worldwide and in charge of Six Senses Spas with 30 locations world-wide as well as an active board member and partner of Raison d’Etre. Anna’s task is to develop the Six Senses Spa and Wellness brand further and continue to grow it for the coming expansions. This year alone Six Senses opened 4 new locations, 2 of them full service resorts. As Active Chairperson of Raison d’Etre, Anna continues to be the guiding light for an ever-growing company of globally-placed professionals that are on our Team. With the roll-out of the LivNordic Wellness brand, as well as the creation and development for a number of spa brands around the world, Raison d’Etre has become the world leading spa company. Anna is a founding board member of the Global Wellness Summit, an invite only non-profit event held yearly in different locations around the globe.

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