7 things to keep in mind when managing a spa business


Starting a spa is hard work, but you know what’s even harder? Managing a spa business by developing it and making it flourish. The journey to success is like a rollercoaster where good and bad times continuously come and go, replacing each other. The good times inspire you to keep on pushing forward in managing a spa, while the bad times act as a valuable reminder to give you the insight to improve and become better at managing your spa business.

The most interesting thing about building and managing a successful spa business is that it’s all relative to time. Being successful in this moment does not guarantee success in the future. The keyword here is flexibility. You need to constantly adapt to market trends, customer needs, as well as evolve and innovate your spa business managing skills.

In this article we will introduce you to 7 things you NEED to keep in mind when managing a spa business, helping both you and your business grow and flourish.

1. Change is inevitable

The market changes, that’s a fact. If you want to be successful you need to be able to identify the changes, accept them, and respond to them. Not moving forward is the same as moving backwards. What may work in digital marketing today, might change completely overnight. And that shiny new state-of-the-art spa you built a few years back? It might not be so shiny anymore…

2. Evolve yourself and your skills

The need for a leader changes over time. A start-up requires a “jack of all trades”-leader with a great ambition to bring the idea to life. While a mature business with all processes already established requires a consistent and disciplined leader who can maintain a high standard over a long period of time. If a business is in trouble, it instead needs an innovative leader who can rally the team, drive critical numbers, and improve efficiency, all the while keeping within the limitations of the budget.

When managing a spa business, you need to become the leader it needs today, and tomorrow. Evolve yourself just as your business will inevitably evolve.

3. “Brand, brand, brand”

Lose the ego. The most important part of a business is your brand, not yourself. It’s the brand that’s your business, it’s the brand that makes your spa stand out among the rest. Cultivate it, love it, make it grow, make it flourish.

4. “People, people, people”

A company is nothing without its people. The harder you try to grow a team of competent individuals and create a sense of ownership, the more opportunities for growth will arise for your employees, and the company.

5. Challenge the status quo

One of the most dangerous ideas to have in the business world is: “This is how we’ve always done it…”. It’s got to go… now. It’s hard to stand out among the rest and managing a successful spa when everyone is doing the same thing. But even more important, believe in your approach with all your might and people will soon follow.

6. Compete with yourself, not others

Yes, it’s always tempting to compare yourself to another spa, but we highly suggest you don’t do it. It sets a benchmark for your business and a “good-enough” attitude might arise. If you compete against yourself, there is no limit and you will be able to create better than industry average customized benchmarks.

7. Always be on your toes

Complacency is your greatest enemy. It means you’re not paying attention at the level you need to be, and it means that you’re letting your guard down so bad things can get in. You need to create a strong company culture that thrives on winning and where every employee brings their best to work every day of the week.

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