Spa marketing ideas for 2020 | SBE

4 necessary digital marketing spa strategies in 2020

Spa marketing ideas for 2020 | SBEThe future of marketing is digital. The pandemic accelerated this agenda even further. So, if digital marketing isn’t included in your spa strategies – you need to get onto it right now! Or else you might quickly fall behind your competitors.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered our top 4 digital marketing spa strategies of 2020.

1. Utilize SEO

What does the modern person do when they face a question they can’t answer, or when they are looking to buy something? They Google it.

The same applies when someone is looking for a place to relax.

Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can claim digital market shares and show up as the answer to a lot of potential clients’ search queries such as “what is the best spa in town”, “spas near me” or similar.

A great way to improve the effects of SEO is to create and maintain a blog focusing on:

  • A specific niche
  • A specific community
  • A specific area
  • Your specific services

2. Invest in a great website

The first impression is important, because in the end, you only get one.

Having a great website is nowadays one of the most fundamental spa business strategies and a great way to ensure you leave a lasting positive impression with your clients. This goes hand-in-hand with SEO. Once a person finds your website, they need to be given access to an easily navigated website for an efficient, informative online experience, else they’ll quickly leave.

A great website should:

  • Be SEO-friendly
  • Include necessary contact information clearly displayed on all pages
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Allow your clients to book sessions and appointments online
  • Supply visitors with information on why they should book an appointment at your spa
  • Include a concrete description of services and products offered
  • Show what sets your spa apart from other competitors

3. Become active on social media

Social media platforms are extremely powerful tools to use in your digital marketing spa strategies. It’s not only cheap and very effective, it’s also very interactive where you can communicate directly with your clients.

It’s a great way to get personal with your client base, give them an insight into your business, and receive feedback on your products and services. Social media is also a good way to create interaction through promotional giveaways or share blogs and other interesting titbits.

4. Create video spa marketing

Just as the world is becoming ever-more digital, it’s also becoming more visually oriented. By including video spa marketing as one of your spa business strategies, you prepare for the inevitable visually focused future.

Video content packs a lot of punch. It brings a lot of information in a short amount of time, it’s both visually and aurally pleasing, and requires very little effort from the viewer.

Videos also take up “less space”. For example, Twitter only allows for up to 280 characters in a Tweet, while a Facebook post will be truncated with a “Read more”/”See more” button at around 250 characters. A video is always viewable regardless of where you’re posting whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or your own website.

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