10 Tips On How to Build A Strong Brand Identity For Your Spa


Your spa brand is your most important asset. It can be described as a collection of associations connected to your company name, your services, or a product name. A strong spa brand is well-known, concrete and loaded with positive associations – simply: “Top of the mind”.

A practical spa brand platform cannot be too extensive or vague, it needs to have a concrete core encapsulating your spa brand and giving clear guidelines in the communication with your customers and partners. A spa brand platform can take on a wide range of shapes and consist of different components.

Spa Business Educations tips on spa branding

In this article we will go over 10 tips on how you can build a strong brand identity for your spa.

1. Create a concrete mission statement

Your mission statement describes shortly and concisely what your spa business does and for whom. Keep it simple and concrete, not every single detail about your spa needs to be included here.

2. Define your mission, goals and vision

If you go a little deeper into your spa business, you will need something that motivates from within. Why does your spa exist and what do you want to achieve? What is your mission that you can proudly present to the public? Closely connected with your mission is also your vision about long-term goals which gives your business a direction you can strive towards.

3. Perfecting logo design and name

One of your first steps in spa branding should be to create a logo design and graphic profile before going forward with any other type of communication. Because without a name and logo to recognize your business by, how can you communicate effectively? The challenge here is to create strong impressions and feelings with small, nuanced tools.

4. Create a company commitment

Your company commitment summarizes your obligations and “promises” to your clients. Connect this to your USPs and the target groups you have. Let this commitment saturate your whole spa business and spa brand, actively adhering to it every step of the way in your spa branding regarding both communication and customer interactions.

5. Define your company values

Your spa company values will help you keep a steady course. Concretize what your values are and keep to a handful of concepts and expand upon them with a few simple sentences which support your daily activities and spa branding.

6. Create KPIs and identify your position

Where is your spa positioned today in comparison to your competitors?

Create KPIs to get a clear picture of your position on the market and decide goals on how you need to develop your business and spa brand to flourish in the market.

7. Identify your target groups

Your target groups are the customers you want to communicate with – who are they? We recommend analyzing different target group needs and demands and how you are planning to convey your business concept to them.

8. Find your tonality, attitude, and mannerism

Keeping a consistent tonality, attitude, and mannerism throughout both text content and imagery is an important aspect of spa branding to keep your communication clear and concise.

9. Create a tagline/USP/slogan

The goal here is to show how you, your spa brand and offering stand out from the rest in a positive light. This often consists of a line of text right beneath or integrated with the logo.

10. Include all employees

By including all your employees, you can make sure they all work towards the same goal. With a concrete profile manual or spa brand platform, it becomes simple to gather all employees and other actors in building a strong spa brand. By informing, engaging, and allocating resources, you can build a team where everyone is on the same page.

Build a strong spa brand with Spa Business Education…

… and increase your position on the market and your revenue. In a lot of ways, spa branding is about taking a position in the market. You need to be consistent in your communication, and it is just as important to include your employees to strengthen the impression of your spa business you want to present to the world. Your spa brand needs to be reflected on your website, your marketing, contact with customers and in everything you do.

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